Judy Smith

Judy Smith – President and CEO – Smith & Company


Judy Smith is one of a kind. She's so good at her job her story inspired one of the most successful TV shows of all time. That's right, she is the real-life Olivia Pope, made famous by actress Kerry Washington on the ABC show Scandal. The fixer who handles hard situations and always figures a way forward. While the show no longer exists, Judy’s work continues.

She is the founder, president and CEO of the crisis management firm Smith & Company. She has “handled” many major celebrities and Fortune 500 companies who have found themselves in hot water. Her experience ranges from the Iran-Contra investigation, to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, to the World Health organization's response to the SARS epidemic. Today Judy joins me to share her path, how she became such an expert in this niche field and how modern companies can rise to the challenge of some of the most pressing concerns in our country right now.


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